About Me

about me

Hi! I’m Anna Persse, I’m a college junior majoring in education and I will share with you my lifestyle and college tips!

In this blog…

I will be sharing a ton of college tips, decor, health, beauty + more! If you love these things as well, you will be right at home!

More about me:

Currently, I go to college at Concordia University in Portland, OR and in my second year of becoming an elementary school teacher. I spend my time surfing through Pinterest and being inspired by Instagram. I enjoy photography, home decor, design, and of course, working with students!

Not only do I love social media, but I have a passion for binging Netflix shows. You can catch me re-watching The Office or keeping up with Grey’s Anatomy and Riverdale.

Something I love doing on my free time is collecting decor for my bedroom and dorm. I love finding pieces that make my space feel like home. Aside from home decor, I love to finding ways to improve my health, skincare, and wardrobe!

Let’s get to know each other!

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