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In this new year I have been really getting on my game for finding Bible studies and books to help grow my faith. I think it is always important to read & listen to wise people to help inspire you to grow your faith! Since the semester started, it has been a little harder to catch up on my reading. But, I have found 5 things that help keep me on track in my reading!

Before I begin, I want to mention that everything I mention is not sponsored! I love each of these different devotions/studies I have tried.

1. Pocket Fuel App

This is a new app I found and it is wonderful. This is a free app and offers quick devotions with the prettiest quotes that you can share to social media! You also have the ability to set reminders to keep you on track! They have a ton of devotions from previous months if you need more than one a day!

Cost: Free App

Monthly Subscription: Yes, $12 for the entire year! Free trial is available.

pocket fuel pic

2. iTunes Podcasts

There are hundreds of amazing Christian podcasts out there. My favorite one is Rick Warren Daily Hope because he has hundreds of different topics for every needs. He has so much helpful things to say about how you should pray, think, and what to pay attention to in your faith.

Other people that are great to listen to are:

Churchome with Judah Smith

Elevation Church

Bethel Church Sermon of the Week

The Village Church

3. Any Christian Book

What I mean by Christian book is books with devotions or authors who talk about their personal experience on a specific topic or viewpoint. One book I am reading right now is called Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. Reading books are so insightful and an all-around way to strengthen your faith! There are hundreds of Christian books on Amazon for great prices here are a few:

College: Real and Relatable Devotions for Every College Girl

Wild and Free

Love Does

Present Over Perfect

These are just a few! I have not fully read all of these but I know they offer great advice for whatever you are looking for!

4. The Bible

The Bible is obviously a great place to start when looking for devotions or straight up wisdom from God! One Bible I absolutely LOVE is the She Reads Truth Bible. I linked it in so you all can check it out! There are also Bible apps that have devotion and plans inside them – for free too!

Many Bibles include studies and related passages for whatever part you are reading which can be really helpful! The She Reads Truth Bible is so great for that. There are reading plans, related passages, and the cutest graphics, timelines, and maps placed throughout the Bible.

I also love the Bible app (type bible in the apple store and its a brown cover that says Holy Bible). This is perfect for finding many, many devotions for free and you can choose which version you like. Also, there is easy highlighting when reading each book so you can save your notes.

They also have a She Reads Truth Bible app as well, even with devotions. Test out some Bibles to see what you enjoy the most!

she reads truth bible

5. Online Bible Study Outlines

I ran across Jordan Dooley awhile back and I love her testimony and passion for helping college students and women stay devoted to their faith and relationship with God. She has many books, devotionals, and videos about faith. One I am currently doing is free and it’s called Gal’s Gospel Guide. So far it’s good and it’s a great longer-term study so you have something to do everyday (and its free!).

Let me know if you find/love any other free online bible studies or devotions too! I am always looking for new apps to try and studies to read.

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