5 essential decor pieces

One of my favorite things to do is search for affordable pieces to liven up my bedroom or dorm. There are five pieces that I think are essential in tying your room together and making it feel extra aesthetic. All these pieces I mention can come in different colors and can be dressed up or down in many different ways! One trick in finding the right pieces is sticking to a color scheme for the room. I usually choose 3 to 5 different colors and find pieces that work well in that color range (I love gray, white, blush, gold, and black). Below I linked some of my favorite products under each category too!

*Disclaimer: the following the links are affiliated. All opinions and suggestions are my own and I’d never recommend something I don’t like.

1. Pillows

Having pillows in your space is a huge must because it adds that touch of color to the room while making it cozy and inviting. Have solid colors, mixed with textured pillows, and neutral pillows with graphics will help tie the couch or bed together!

7 pillows all under $40:

1 / 2 3 / 4 6 7

2. Grid / Cork board

I love a good grid or cork board for inspirational pictures. This is a unique way of displaying pretty photos in your room (rather than using standard print + frame – which can still be beautiful). If you look at my Pinterest board called bedroom, there’s a few pictures for inspiring your next mood board or grid! Also, check out my other post on how to create a moodboard and get that grid/cork board to use!

1 / cheap grid alternative

2 / expensive grid alternative (my fav)

3 / cork board (all office stores and department stores like Target will carry cork board)


In my picture, the smaller prints are pictures I ordered (some my own and some I found off Pinterest) and the larger prints are from Urban Outfitters! The two decor pieces on the shelf are from Target. 

3. Rug

I love a good rug because it makes such a difference when you add one in your room. But, I will admit this is not the first thing I look up when looking for room decor. Rug shopping is kind of a drag for me but like I said, it makes a huge difference. That being said I found a few on Target that I liked (isn’t Target the greatest invention ever?!). Some other good stores to shop at is Urban Outfitters, H&M (I have a rug from here and I love it), and IKEA.

1 / 2 / 3 

4. Candles

I loooove candles. Tbh I buy them mostly for decorative reasons but they’re a great room freshener too. You can find some really good candles in any home store and they are fairly cheap.

5 candles under $20 (guys, theres so so so many candles so browse around on these sites!):

13 / 4 / 5

Check out Anthropologie candles (link 1), they smell so good.

5. Plants (Fake or Real)

Plants have been a huge obsession for me recently. They brighten and liven up your bedroom and some are super easy to take care of (or go fake). Without plants, I feel like a room could look a little drab, therefore it’s a pretty good essential. Added bonus- real plants are good for the environment!

My favorite place to shop for fake plants is IKEA. There are many other stores that have fake plants, although IKEA is the only place I have bought and seen really good fake plants.

My favorite places to shop for real plants and succulents are Home Depot, Lowes, or IKEA.

As far as pots, IKEA, Urban Outfitters, and H&M are good budget places to get decorative pots. Other stores like West Elm and Pottery Barn will have them but for more expensive. Search around and find what you love best!

1: link #1 under pillows | 2: link #2 under pillows | 3: link #3 under rugs | 4: link #3 under pillows | 5: here | 6: link #3 under candles

Comment below some of your favorite decor pieces! Also check out my Pinterest home and bedroom boards for inspiration!

Thanks for reading!

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