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Hey all! This post is all about dorm workout tips! This semester I made a goal to be more active everyday, so of course I am going to share what I am doing to keep up with my goals! Last semester, I hardly ever worked out and it really got to me. Not working out makes me feel sluggish, gross, and down about myself. Hopefully the things I am doing can further inspire you to get active wherever you are in life!

The following mentioned are different things I do! These tips are very helpful for people living in the dorm or too scared to go to the gym. *Nothing I mention is sponsored!

Schedule Time to Workout

Having it in your schedule or in your planner (or whatever your system is for remembering things), really helps me get motivated. By scheduling time, it makes it so you can’t make excuses! Even if its planning it out day by day, that’s still a great start and better than not doing it at all.

How can I juggle working out with other commitments?

The way I find time is by looking at my calendar with all my class/activities on it. Finding time on some days is difficult, but I always manage to do it. Remember how long would like to work out for and squeeze a chunk in between class A and class B. Or maybe you have time right before dinner. Maybe the best time is in the morning before your afternoon class.

Use the calendar app on your phone, the reminders app, or a to-do list app (I love called Todoist).

Utilize Free Apps

This is also an important step! There are millions of free apps that have workout routines/classes within them to help you tone, build muscle, or lose weight. Here are my favs:

For Running:

Nike Run Club // This is perfect if you need a plan to get yourself to run a 5K and up. This is just an overall clean, reliable, and organized app to help you stay on track with your running. Its free so check it out!

Running for Weight loss // This is an amazing app. It is intervals training and there’s a beginning, intermediate, and so on, levels included in this app so you can adjust it to where you’re at. I have used this for a month straight before and I can testify that it did help me to lose weight. They have you doing 3 runs a week and it gradually gets more difficult (but not too difficult). Great free app!

For Toning:

Pinterest // I know, its so easy. If you’re a regular Pinterest user, you may have seen workout toning routines for various parts of your body. If you haven’t used Pinterest for working out before, its amazing! Type in “arm workout”, “leg workout”, “20 min cardio workout”, “stretching”, “yoga routine”, basically anything you want and you are bound to find some amazing routines.

Also perfect for doing at-home workouts or gym toning exercises so it gives a more definitive schedule that way you’re not confused once you start working out!

Here’s a website commonly found on Pinterest for workout routines.

YouTube // There are millions of videos out there that go through workout routines. I like using YouTube because it allows me to not worry about the reps or specific exercises. All you need to do is follow their routine! Perfect for those who like in dorm/in home workouts. Type in anything (like 30 min cardio at home) and it will be there!

My fav fitness YouTubers:

Jessica Smith TV, Yoga with Adrienne, PopSugar Fitness, and Blogilates.

Nike Training Club // I have used this app on and off for a couple years now. It is a great, 100% free app (no pesky premium in-app fees). They have various plans that you can customize based on your schedule and what your goals are. The workouts themselves are pretty good and most can be done inside your home or dorm.

If you are looking for a paid/subscription workout app, I have heard tons of great things about Kayla Istines Sweat App. A lot of people have had good results so check that out!

Find Motivation!

Some ways I find motivation to workout:

  • My workout boards on Pinterest
  • Finding my roommates/friends to workout with
  • Finding inspiring posts/accounts on instagram about fitness or a healthy lifestyle (@kaylaistines)
  • Eating healthy
  • My Apple Watch (weird but it helps me reach calorie & exercise goals)

Other Ways…

Staying active in college also means finding simple ways to get some extra steps in or burn those last few calories. Maybe this means taking the stairs to your classroom, taking the long route to the dining hall, etc. Little things like this help!

One of my biggest most obvious, cliche tips is just getting out there and doing it. Pushing yourself to do workouts will actually help keep you accountable for continuing for the rest of the week! Also I love the feeling after I workout because I feel so much better and healthy so thats a plus!

Let me know if you have any workout apps/routines you love.

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