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One thing I love: a good mood board. I first discovered mood boards on Pinterest within the past year and it has been forever on my mind. There are 4 different tips and ways I have found to create mood boards. And of course they are super trendy and customizable for your bedroom, living room, dorm or anything really!

Before we get started, follow my mood board & college board on Pinterest for more inspiration!

My Tips:

1. Find pictures on Pinterest/stores

Pinterest is my top place to look for pictures because its free and there are millions of photos! I like to use various pins from different boards that fit into the theme I’m going for. If you type “mood board”, “prints”, or something along that line, other blogs and websites will offer free printable prints or more advice for creating your perfect mood board.

Example: I will chose a photo from my places board, a quote from my words board, and a picture from my photos board. All within my color range (tip #3 in this section).

This gives the perfect balance of a solid color, mixed with a busier scene, and one that reaches the middle of both solid colors but having a subject. Here is an example of my mood board:

If you’re more interested in buying prints, I like these stores to buy prints from: Urban Outfitters, Society6, and IKEA.

2. Create different sizes for each print

This is kind of optional but it looks so much better if you can vary each size. I found that mixing small, medium, and large prints creates a more pleasing, interesting board to look at. By making different sizes, it makes it more fun to put together, like a puzzle!

3. Stay in a color range

Below are the colors I stuck to when searching for my pictures online. Find a few colors that you love and matches with your decor! Knowing your colors before you search for pictures will help you narrow down what you want to save and print. This also keeps from making things look disorganized.

mood board colors

Examples of other colors schemes you could use:

mood board colors

You could find a few of your favorite pictures and revolve your colors around the colors within that picture. Even mixing colors, tones and scenes, making it completely random, looks great too!

4. Mix pictures and quotes

While you can use all quotes or all pictures, a mood board looks best if you can mix it up! Most quotes have a solid background so it compliments a busy picture well. Having all pictures would look cool, but it might add too much texture. Adding more solid colors and quotes balances it out and adds extra inspiration!


Ok, now that you’ve chosen your prints, how do you actually print them out?

These are my materials:

  • color printer (ink jet is good, but whatever works)
  • normal printer paper or cardstock (any size, I use no larger than standard 8×11
  • scissors
  • tape or clips (depends on where you put your pictures)

My steps:

  1. save the photo onto my desktop
  2. if you want to change the size, transfer it to a word or google doc and adjust the size
  3. if you want it to be full size, print directly from your computer
  4. print it up!
  5. cut each one to the size, if needed
  6. layout on a surface and figure out the perfect way to arrange the pics
  7. use tacks, clips, or tape to hang them on your wall!


1. Prints on Wall

This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to create a mood board. I would suggest getting cardstock if you’re doing this one (just so that you can’t see the wall color or tape through the printer paper). Layout your photos then hang them up!

2. Grid

I have a grid on my wall in my dorm and I love it for hanging prints! Check out my essential decor post to see where you can get some! Here is a picture of what mine looks like:

mood board wall grid with pictures

Some prints are from Urban Outfitters, some I printed from Pinterest, some are my own pictures! The grid and shelf are from UO, clips are from Target, and decor pieces are from Target. 

3. Corkboard / Elmers Board

I have personally never tried this but this is a classic mood board idea. This could also be super affordable and easy to hang up! I recommend doing this for your home office or desk as it keeps a square shape and it is easy to change out pictures when you want new inspiration or to match the season!

4. Frames

I’d say using frames is a bit more time consuming and more expensive. You can get some good frames from IKEA or Target for a good price, but to me, its a little extra work. If you want the layout more permanent on your wall, then this is the perfect option. If you constantly want to change the shape and layout or you can’t put nails in the wall, I don’t recommend this option. Needless to say, using frames can be so beautiful and add a nice look to your wall.

Comment if you’ve tried a mood board and if you have tips!

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